Access Point Mode Configuration

Using the Web UI

First you need to configure the SSID and passphrase for the Wifi Access point networks you would like to create in Config → Wifi:


(you can enter multiple Wifi Access point networks, however only one will be active at a time)

Then you enable the access point mode by choosing a Wifi mode of either “Access point mode” or “Access point + Client” (preferred) in Config → Autostart, field Wifi mode:


Finally you need to choose which one of these Wifi Access point networks will be active (even if you only defined one in the first step) - in Config → Autostart, field ... access point SSID:


Using the shell

You can also configure all those parameters with the shell.

To configure the SSID and passphrase for the defined Wifi Access point networks, use the config set command:

OVMS# config set wifi.ap <ssid> <passphrase>

(you may use this command multiple time to enter multiple SSID information, however only one will be active at a time. You can check the defined ones with config list wifi.ap)

To enable the access point mode, you will need to chose ap (or preferably apclient) using the config set command on the configuration item auto wifi.mode:

OVMS# config set auto wifi.mode ap

You set the active Wifi Access point network in the configuration item auto wifi.ssid.ap:

OVMS# config set wifi.ssid.ap "My First Access Point"


All three steps (setting SSID and passphrase with config set wifi.ap <ssid> <passphrase>, enabling the access point mode with config set auto wifi.mode ap or config set auto wifi.mode apclient, and setting the active access point with config set wifi.ssid.ap <ssid>) are necessary for proper operation of the access point mode.


This configuration of the Wifi mode will only be applied on the next reboot. To force a mode change immediately, you need to use the wifi mode command:

wifi mode ap "My First Access Point"