Vehicle Types: MG EV (UK/EU) & MG EV (TH)

These vehicle types support the MG ZS EV (2019-). MG5 is not yet supported in this build.


MG ZS EVs sold in different countries seem to possess different behaviours. This is why we have developed 2 different vehicle types to support the different requirements.

Known Countries

Country Zombie mode Requires GWM authentication Poll BCM causes alarm Suggested vehicle type to use
Thailand N Y N TH
Australia N N N TH
Zombie mode is when the gateway module (GWM) enters the locked state and no PIDs can be accessed. This happens for UK/EU cars when:
  1. Charger is plugged in without power, car is locked and goes to sleep.
  2. Charger is then powered on and car starts charging.

GWM authentication is required for Thai cars as GWM will be locked and no PIDs can be accessed (simiarly to Zombie mode but this happens all the time rather than just during the above scenario). Note: GWM authentication does not work as a mitigation for UK/EU’s Zombie mode.

When the BCM is polled, UK/EU cars’ alarm (horn) can go off so this is disabled in the UK/EU code.

Other Countries

For cars from other countries, to decide which vehicle type you should use, start off by trying the MG EV (TH) type first because Zombie mode mitigation has its side effects (see module notes below) and polling the BCM allows the OVMS to get more data from the car.

You can follow these steps to see which variant may be suitable for your car:
  1. Select MG EV (TH) and use the car as you would normally. Keep an eye on shell for log prints to see if any problems occur.
  2. If the alarm goes off sometimes (like when doors are locked using remote), try switch to MG EV (UK/EU).
  3. If you do not get any alarm, try put the car into Zombie mode.
  4. If OVMS is unable to get data (like no charging details appear on the app), try switch to MG EV (UK/EU).

Support Overview

Function Support Status
Hardware Any OVMS v3 (or later) module. Vehicle support: 2019-
Vehicle Cable Right hand OBDII cable (RHD), Left hand OBDII cable (LHD)
GSM Antenna 1000500 Open Vehicles OVMS GSM Antenna (or any compatible antenna)
GPS Antenna 1020200 Universal GPS Antenna (or any compatible antenna)
SOC Display Yes
Range Display Yes (BMS calculated and WLTP range from SoC)
Cabin Pre-heat/cool Control No
GPS Location Yes (from modem module GPS)
Speed Display Yes
Temperature Display Yes
BMS v+t Display Yes
TPMS Display Yes
Charge Status Display Yes
Charge Interruption Alerts Yes
Charge Control No
Lock/Unlock Vehicle No
Valet Mode Control No
Others Daytime Running Light Control

Shell Commands

softver Get software version of ECUs
drl [on | off] Turn on/off daytime running lights
drln [on | off] Turn on/off daytime running lights without doing BCM authentication first (for debugging purposes)
auth [all | gwm | bcm] Authenticate with specified ECU. ‘auth all’ will authenticate GWM then BCM.

Module notes

The code for each vehicle type has these behaviours:

Vehicle type Zombie mode mitigation GWM authentication Poll BCM

The MG EV module now monitors (and automatically calibrates) the 12V status and will automatically start polling the car for data when the 12V battery voltage is equal to or greater than 12.9V. When it is below 12.9V, it will automatically stop polling (after a 50s delay) to not drain the 12V battery.

Poll states:

0 ListenOnly the OVMS module is quiet and stops sending polls.
1 Charging the OVMS module sends charging specific queries.
2 Driving the OVMS module sends driving specific queries.
3 Backup the OVMS module cannot get data from the car when it is charging so just retries SoC queries. This is unused in TH code.

UK/EU spec

The car is accessible over the OBD port when it is running (ignition on) and for around 40 seconds after it is turned off or the car is “tweaked” (lock button pushed, etc).

The OBD port may be kept awake by using the “tester present” message to the gateway ECU. This keeps a lot of systems awake and draws roughly 5A on the 12V bus, so it’s not a good idea to do.

The Gateway (GW, GWM) is the keeper of all the data of the car and will enter a locked state when it is woken by the car starting charging and the car is locked. This we have called “Zombie Mode”, and we have developed an override for this.

This override, however causes a few strange things to happen:
  • If Zombie mode override is active, the car will not unlock the charge cable. To fix this dusrupt the charge and wait 50s for OVMS to go back to sleep and the cable should release (or unplug OVMS)
  • Zombie mode override resets the “Accumulated Total Trip” on the Cluster
  • Zombie mode override sets the gearshift LEDs switch on

Development notes

Developers welcome! Follow the developer’s guide on to get started! Join our slack group (see below) to discuss the nerdy details!

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