Hyundai Ioniq 5

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Support Overview

Function Support Status
Hardware OVMS v3 (or later)
Vehicle Cable OBD-II to DB9 Data Cable for OVMS (1441200 right, or 1139300 left)
GSM Antenna 1000500 Open Vehicles OVMS GSM Antenna (or any compatible antenna)
GPS Antenna 1020200 Universal GPS Antenna (SMA Connector) (or any compatible antenna)
SOC Display Yes
Range Display No
GPS Location Yes (from modem module GPS)
Speed Display Yes
Temperature Display Partial
BMS v+t Display Yes
SOH Display Yes
TPMS Display Yes
Charge Status Display Yes
Charge Interruption Alerts Yes
Charge Control No
Cabin Pre-heat/cool Control No
Lock/Unlock Vehicle No
Valet Mode Control No

Custom Metrics

Metric name Example value Description
xiq.m.version 0.0.1 10/09/2022 10:23 Version of Module 78.5% Internal BMS SOC
xiq.v.b.c.voltage.max 10.0V Battery Cell Volt Max
xiq.v.b.c.voltage.min 10.0V Battery Cell Volt Min 123450 Battery Cell Volt Max No 123450 Battery Cell Volt Min No
xiq.v.b.c.det.min 12.1% Battery Cell Det Min 123450 Battery Cell Det Max No 123450 Battery Cell Det Min No
xiq.c.power 12345kW Power
xiq.c.speed 109Kph Speed
xiq.b.min.temp 36°C Battery Min Temperature
xiq.b.max.temp 36°C Battery Max Temperature
xiq.b.inlet.temp 36°C Battery Inlet Temperature
xiq.b.heat1.temp 36°C Battery Heat 1 Temperature 12.1% Battery Bms Soc
xiq.b.aux.soc 78% Battery Aux Soc false Battery Bms Relay false Battery Bms Ignition 7680W BMS Available power for charging
xiq.ldc.out.volt 10.0V Low Voltage DC Conv Out Voltage 10.0V Low Voltage DC Conv In Voltage
xiq.ldc.out.amps 8.2A Low Voltage DC Conv Out Current
xiq.ldc.temp 8.2°C Low Voltage DC Conv Temperature
xiq.obc.pilot.duty 12.1% OBC Pilot Duty
xiq.obc.timer.enabled false OBC Timer Enabled
xiq.e.lowbeam false Env Lowbeam
xiq.e.highbeam false Env Highbeam
xiq.e.indicator.l false Left Indicator on
xiq.e.indicator.r false Right Indicator on
xiq.e.indicator.e false Emergency lights on
xiq.e.preheat.timer1.enabled false Preheat Timer1 Enabled
xiq.e.preheat.timer2.enabled false Preheat Timer2 Enabled
xiq.e.preheating false Preheating
xiq.e.heated.steering false Heated Steering Wheel
xiq.e.rear.defogger false Rear Defogger
xiq.v.traction.control false Traction Control
xiq.e.trip 12345Km Trip: Distance Travelled since Charged 12345kWh Trip: Energy Used since Charged 12345kWh Trip: Energy Recuperated since Charged
xiq.v.trip.consumption 9.5kW/100km Power Consumption (kwH/100km) for current trip false Seat Belt Driver false Seat Belt Passenger false Seat Belt Back Right false Seat Belt Back Middle false Seat Belt Back Left
xiq.v.d.l.fl false Door Locked - Front Left false Door Locked - Front Right
xiq.v.d.l.rl false Door Locked - Rear Left
xiq.v.d.l.rr false Door Locked - Rear Right
xiq.v.c.current.req 45A Requested charging current

Debug Logs

To see all PID poll results in your log, set log level verbose for component v-ioniq5.