Hyundai Ioniq vFL

Hyundai Ioniq Electric (28 kWh)

  • Vehicle Type: HIONVFL
  • Log tag: v-hyundaivfl
  • Namespace: xhi
  • Maintainers: Michael Balzer
  • Sponsors: Henri Bachmann, Tóth Lajos
  • Credits: EVNotify, hokus15

Support Overview

Function Support Status
Hardware OVMS v3 (or later)
Vehicle Cable OBD-II to DB9 Data Cable for OVMS (1441200 right, or 1139300 left)
GSM Antenna 1000500 Open Vehicles OVMS GSM Antenna (or any compatible antenna)
GPS Antenna 1020200 Universal GPS Antenna (SMA Connector) (or any compatible antenna)
SOC Display Yes
Range Display Yes
GPS Location Yes (from modem module GPS)
Speed Display Yes
Temperature Display Partial
BMS v+t Display Yes
SOH Display Yes
TPMS Display Yes
Charge Status Display Yes
Charge Interruption Alerts Yes
Charge Control No
Cabin Pre-heat/cool Control No
Lock/Unlock Vehicle No
Valet Mode Control No
Others Charge time estimation

Custom Metrics

Metric name Example value Description
xhi.b.range.user 134.56km Current maximum user range 78.5% Internal BMS SOC
xhi.c.state 128 Charge state flags
xhi.e.state 13 General/ignition state flags

Custom Configs

Config name Default value …unit Description
xhi ctp.maxpower 0 kW Default charge power limit for charge time estimations, 0 = unlimited
xhi ctp.soclimit [1] 80 % SOC level for secondary charge time estimation
xhi notify.charge.delay.ccs 15 Seconds Wait time for DC charge power to ramp up before sending the notification
xhi notify.charge.delay.type2 3 Seconds … same for AC charging
xhi range.ideal 200 km Ideal range of new battery
xhi range.user 200 km Typical maximum user range (updated automatically)
xhi range.smoothing 10   Number of SOC samples, 10=~5% SOC, 0=disable
xhi tpms.pressure.warn 230 kPa Tyre warning at/below this pressure
xhi tpms.pressure.alert 220 kPa Tyre alert at/below this pressure
xhi tpms.temp.warn 90 °C Tyre warning at/above this temperature
xhi tpms.temp.alert 100 °C Tyre alert at/above this temperature

The web UI features a configuration page for this in the vehicle menu.

[1]Setting ctp.soclimit does not imply an automatic charge stop, there is currently no charge control.

Debug Logs

To see debug messages in your log, component v-hyundaivfl to log level debug. You can do so dynamically (log level debug v-hyundaivfl) or persistent by the logging configuration.

To see all PID poll results in your log, set log level verbose for component v-hyundaivfl. It’s recommended to accompany this by setting log level debug for events.