VW e-Up

Vehicle Type: VWUP

This vehicle type supports the VW e-UP (2013-, 2020-), Skoda Citigo E IV and the Seat MII electric (2020-).

Support Overview

Function Support Status
Hardware Any OVMS v3 (or later) module. Vehicle support: 2020- (2013- VW e-Up as well)
Vehicle Cable Comfort CAN T26A (OCU connector cable, located under front passenger seat) to DB9 Data Cable for OVMS using pin 6 and 8 for can3
GSM Antenna T4AC - R205 with fakra_sma adapter cable or 1000500 Open Vehicles OVMS GSM Antenna (or any compatible antenna)
GPS Antenna T4AC - R50 with fakra_sma adapter cable or 1020200 Universal GPS Antenna (or any compatible antenna)
SOC Display Yes
Range Display Yes
Cabin Pre-heat/cool Control tba
GPS Location Yes (from modem module GPS)
Speed Display Yes
Temperature Display Yes (outdoor, cabin)
BMS v+t Display tba
TPMS Display No
Charge Status Display tba
Charge Interruption Alerts tba
Charge Control tba
Lock/Unlock Vehicle tba
Valet Mode Control tba
Others Odometer, VIN, front doors status

Pinout OCU T26A - OVMS DB9 adapter cable

Because of the complicated VAG OBD-gateway communication protocol we directly tap into the comfort can bus over the OCU cable.

The OCU connector is located under the passenger seat.

Advantage is a faster and easier development.

Disadvantage is that we won’t have all vehicle information available and we won’t be able to access all control units.

OCU DB9-F Signal
26 3 Chassis / Power GND
. 2 can1 L (Can Low, not used)
. 7 can1 H (Can High, not used)
. 4 can2 L (Can Low, not used)
. 5 can2 H (Can High, not used)
2 6 can3 L (Comfort-can Low)
14 8 can3 H (Comfort-can High)
1 9 +12V Vehicle Power

For confectioning the T26A adapter cable you can use a standard 26 pin ribbon cable (2x13 pins, 2,54mm grid dimension) and a DB9 female D-Sub connector. You will need to grind down the rim of the socket of the ribbon cable.

To make a GSM/GPS adapter cable to connect to the original VW fakra socket you can use a double fakra male connector with two SMA male connectors attached.

User notes

  • Disconnect the T26A cable and the fakra cable from the OCU (online communication unit) located beneath the passenger seat.
  • Connect the confectioned T26A adapter DB9 cable attached to the OVMS to the VW T26A plug.
  • Connect your GMS/GPS fakra adapter to the VW fakra cable.
  • Configure OVMS as discribed in the OVMS user manual
  • Register and connect OVMS to a server (as guided within the OVMS setup)
  • Install the OVMS app on your smartphone or tablet and configure to connect to the server
  • Enjoy :-)

Development notes

To compile the code you will need to check out the repository, check out the components mongoose, libzip and zlib and copy the file


from the OVMS.V3/support folder to the OVMS.V3 folder and rename it to


IDs on Comfort CAN Bus

message <hhh ll d0 d1 d2…>

hhh: header ID

ll: length

d0 d1…: data

ID Conversion Unit Function Comment
61A d7/2 % State of Charge (relative) (SoC)
320 (d4<<8+d3-1)/190 km/h Speed (KMH)
65F 3 Msg d5-7,d1-7,d1-7 String VIN number (VIN)
571 5+(.05*d0) Volt 12 Volt battery voltage (12V)
65D d3&f<<12|d2<<8|d1 km Odometer (KM)
3E3 (d2-100)/2 °C Cabin temperature (IN)
527 (d5/2)-50 °C Outdoor temperature (OUT)
52D d0 km Calculated range  
470 d1 00,01,02 Integer Status doors  
3E1 d4 Integer Blower speed (57,66,7D,98,BB,DE,FA)  
575 d0 00 to 0F Integer Key position (KEY)