Standard Metrics

Metric name Notes
ms_v_env_throttle Resolution of 0.4 %
ms_v_pos_speed Resolution of 0.1 km/h
ms_v_pos_odometer Resolution of 0.1 km
ms_v_bat_12v_voltage Resolution of 0.1 V
ms_v_bat_power Car reports percents, so the kW is just calculated by multiplying by 132 kW. Negative side is saturated to -50 kW. This is just guess work..
ms_v_bat_consumption Instantious consumption, Wh/km
ms_v_env_cabinsetpoint There are two figures, left and right. Using just one for now.

Custom Metrics

Metric name Example value Description
xmb.v.display.trip.reset 2733.2km Dashbord Trip value since Reset
xmb.v.display.trip.start 17.5km Dashbord Trip value since Start (today)
xmb.v.display.consumption.start 25.9 kWh Dashbord Trip consumption since Start (today)
xmb.v.display.accel 89% Eco score on acceleration over last 6 hours
xmb.v.display.const 18% Eco score on constant driving over last 6 hours
xmb.v.display.coast 100% Eco score on coasting over last 6 hours
xmb.v.display.ecoscore 69% Eco score shown on dashboard over last 6 hours
xmb.v.fl_speed 37.83 km/h Front Left wheel speed
xmb.v.fr_speed 37.85 km/h Front Right wheel speed
xmb.v.rl_speed 37.80 km/h Rear Left wheel speed
xmb.v.rr_speed 37.82 km/h Rear Right wheel speed