eDriver BMS Monitor

Status monitor for the Twizy custom eDriver BMS by Pascal Ripp

Version 2.0 by Michael Balzer <dexter@dexters-web.de>


This is a simple web page plugin to display the standard battery cell info along with the additional custom data provided by the eDriver BMS on one page.

Additional custom data:

  • Main state

  • Error state

  • BMS internal temperature

  • AUX relay state

  • Cell balancing states

Note: these are read from their respective custom metrics xrt.bms.…, see Custom Metrics.

Overall SOC, voltage, current and coulomb/energy counters are also shown to simplify battery capacity and current sensor calibration.

Check out the eDriver BMS Manual for details or contact Pascal in case of questions.


  1. Install edrvmon.htm web plugin, recommended setup:

  • Type: Page

  • Page: /usr/edrvmon

  • Label: eDriver BMS Monitor

  • Menu: Vehicle

  • Auth: Cookie


  • V2.0 – Added cell balancing time totals + SOC & voltage use/charge range

  • V1.0 – Initial release