Edimax: Smart Plug Control

Smart Plug control for Edimax models SP-1101W, SP-2101W et al

Version 2.3 by Michael Balzer <dexter@dexters-web.de>

Note: currently requires Edimax firmware version 2.x, as version 3.x requires digest auth (not yet supported by HTTP.request()). Workaround: downgrade a newer Edimax to firmware version 2.x, which can be found on the internet. (Thanks to Olaf Straube for testing!)

The smart plug can be bound to a defined location. Automatic periodic recharging or charge stop can be configured via main battery SOC level and/or 12V battery voltage level. The plugin can also switch off power at the charge stop event of the main and/or 12V battery.


  1. Save edimax.js as /store/scripts/lib/edimax.js

  2. Add line to /store/scripts/ovmsmain.js:

  • edimax = require("lib/edimax");

  1. Issue script reload

  2. Install edimax.htm web plugin, recommended setup:

  • Type: Page

  • Page: /usr/edimax

  • Label: Edimax Smart Plug

  • Menu: Config

  • Auth: Cookie

  1. Install edimax-status.htm web plugin, recommended setup:

  • Type: Hook

  • Page: /status

  • Hook: body.post

The edimax-status.htm plugin adds power control to the Status page’s vehicle panel.


Use the web frontend for simple configuration.

Param   Instance                Description
usr     edimax.ip               Edimax IP address
usr     edimax.user             … username, "admin" by default
usr     edimax.pass             … password, "1234" by default
usr     edimax.location         optional: restrict auto switch to this location
usr     edimax.soc_on           optional: switch on if SOC at/below
usr     edimax.soc_off          optional: switch off if SOC at/above
usr     edimax.chg_stop_off     optional: yes = switch off on vehicle.charge.stop
usr     edimax.aux_volt_on      optional: switch on if 12V level at/below
usr     edimax.aux_volt_off     optional: switch off if 12V level at/above
usr     edimax.aux_stop_off     optional: yes = switch off on vehicle.charge.12v.stop


script eval edimax.get()
script eval edimax.set("on" | "off")
script eval edimax.info()

Note: get() & set() do an async update (if the location matches), the result is logged. Use info() to show the current state.