The Renault Twizy module emits these specific events additionally to the general OVMS events:

Event Data Purpose
vehicle.charge.substate.scheduledstop   Charge stopped by user request (command)
vehicle.ctrl.cfgmode   SEVCON in configuration mode (preop)
vehicle.ctrl.loggedin   SEVCON session established
vehicle.ctrl.runmode   SEVCON in normal mode (op)
vehicle.drivemode.changed   SEVCON tuning profile changed
vehicle.dtc.present <dtc_descr> OBD2 DTC (diagnostic trouble code) present
vehicle.dtc.stored <dtc_descr> OBD2 DTC stored
vehicle.fault.code <code> SEVCON fault code received
vehicle.kickdown.engaged   Kickdown detected, drive power changed
vehicle.kickdown.released   Kickdown mode end, normal power restored
vehicle.kickdown.releasing   Kickdown mode about to end