Custom Commands


This is currently just a brief overview to feed the search engine. See each command’s usage info and where applicable corresponding V2 manual entries on details.

  • V3 commands need to be in lower case.

  • When accessing via USB terminal, first issue enable (login).

  • V3 commands are similar to V2 commands, just structured slightly different.

  • Try help, ? and xrt ?. Twizy commands are subcommands of xrt.

  • TAB only works via USB / SSH. Shortcuts can be used generally, e.g. mo t instead of module tasks.

  • A usage info is shown if a command syntax is wrong or incomplete.

OVMS# xrt ?
batt                 Battery monitor
ca                   Charge attributes
cfg                  SEVCON tuning
dtc                  Show DTC report / clear DTC
mon                  SEVCON monitoring
obd                  OBD2 tools
power                Power/energy info

Battery Monitor

OVMS# xrt batt ?
data-cell            Output cell record
data-pack            Output pack record
reset                Reset alerts & watches
status               Status report
tdev                 Show temperature deviations
temp                 Show temperatures
vdev                 Show voltage deviations
volt                 Show voltages


Also see standard BMS commands (bms ?).

Charge Attributes

OVMS# xrt ca ?
Usage: xrt ca [R] | [<range>] [<soc>%] [L<0-7>] [S|N|H]


Also see standard charge control commands (charge ?).


OVMS# xrt cfg ?
brakelight           Tune brakelight trigger levels
clearlogs            Clear SEVCON diag logs
drive                Tune drive power level
get                  Get tuning profile as base64 string
info                 Show tuning profile
load                 Load stored tuning profile
op                   Leave configuration mode (go operational)
power                Tune torque, power & current levels
pre                  Enter configuration mode (pre-operational)
querylogs            Send SEVCON diag logs to server
ramplimits           Tune max pedal reaction
ramps                Tune pedal reaction
read                 Read register
recup                Tune recuperation power levels
reset                Reset tuning profile
save                 Save current tuning profile
set                  Set tuning profile from base64 string
showlogs             Display SEVCON diag logs
smooth               Tune pedal smoothing
speed                Tune max & warn speed
tsmap                Tune torque/speed maps
write                Read & write register
writeonly            Write register

Show DTC Report / Clear DTC

OVMS# xrt dtc ?
clear                Clear stored DTC in car
reset                Reset OVMS DTC statistics
show                 Show DTC report

SEVCON Monitoring

OVMS# xrt mon ?
reset                Reset monitoring
start                Start monitoring
stop                 Stop monitoring

OBD2 Tools

OVMS# xrt obd ?
request              Send OBD2 request, output response
OVMS# xrt obd request ?
bms                  Send OBD2 request to BMS
broadcast            Send OBD2 request as broadcast
charger              Send OBD2 request to charger (BCB)
cluster              Send OBD2 request to cluster (display)
device               Send OBD2 request to a device

Power/Energy Info

OVMS# xrt power ?
report               Trip efficiency report
stats                Generate RT-PWR-Stats entry
totals               Power totals