The Twizy configuration is stored in the OVMS config parameter (section) xrt. To list the current values, issue:

config list xrt

For reference, the following table includes the equivalent OVMS V2 feature or parameter number & bit value where applicable. You may use the parameter & feature editors on the App (values are mapped), the commands have been merged into the config command in V3.

Config instance name Example value V2 F/P Description
autopower yes F15/8 Bool: SEVCON automatic power level adjustment (Default: yes)
autoreset yes F15/2 Bool: SEVCON reset on error (Default: yes)
aux_charger_port 0 EGPIO port to control auxiliary charger (Default: 0 = disabled)
aux_fan_port 0 EGPIO port to control auxiliary charger fan (Default: 0 = disabled)
canwrite yes F15/1 Bool: CAN write enabled (Default: no)
cap_act_prc 82.2288 F13 Battery actual capacity level [%] (Default: 100.0)
cap_nom_ah 108 Battery nominal capacity [Ah] (Default: 108.0)
chargelevel 0 F7 Charge power level [1-7] (Default: 0=unlimited)
chargemode 0 F6 Charge mode: 0=notify, 1=stop at sufficient SOC/range (Default: 0)
console no F15/16 -unused- (reserved for possible V3 SimpleConsole presence)
dtc_autoreset no Reset DTC statistics on every drive/charge start (Default: no)
gpslogint 5 (F8) Seconds between RT-GPS-Log entries while driving (Default: 0 = disabled)
kd_compzero 120 F2 Kickdown pedal compensation (Default: 120)
kd_threshold 35 F1 Kickdown threshold (Default: 35)
kickdown yes F15/4 Bool: SEVCON automatic kickdown (Default: yes)
lock_on 6 Speed limit [kph] to engage lock mode at (Default: undefined = off)
maxrange 55 F12 Maximum ideal range at 20 °C [km] (Default: 80)
motor_rpm_rated 2050 Powermap V3 control: rated speed [RPM] (Default: 0 = V2)
motor_trq_breakdown 210.375 Powermap V3 control: breakdown torque [Nm] (Default: 0 = V2)
profileNN XaZwt5ehZQ… (P16-21) Tuning profile #NN [NN=01…99] base64 code
profileNN.label PWR … button label
profileNN.title Power … title
profile_buttons 0,1,2,3 Tuning drivemode button configuration
profile_cfgmode 2 Tuning profile last loaded in config (pre-op) mode
profile_user 2 P15 Tuning profile last loaded in user (op) mode
suffrange 0 F11 Sufficient range [km] (Default: 0=disabled)
suffsoc 80 F10 Sufficient SOC [%] (Default: 0=disabled)
type Twizy custom SEVCON/Gearbox type: [SC80GB45,SC45GB80] (Default: - = auto detect)
valet_on 12345.6 Odometer limit [km] to engage valet mode at (Default: undefined = off)