Metrics are at the heart of the OVMS v3 system. They are strongly typed named parameters, with values in specific units (and able to be automatically converted to other units). For example, a metric to record the motor temperature may be an integer in Celsius units, and may be convertible to Fahrenheit.

The full list of metrics available can be shown:

OVMS# metrics list
m.freeram                                4232852
m.hardware                               OVMS WIFI BLE BT cores=2 rev=ESP32/1
m.monotonic                              3568Sec
v.p.latitude                             22.2809
v.p.longitude                            114.161
v.p.odometer                             100000Km
v.p.satcount                             12
v.p.speed                                0Kph
v.p.trip                                 0Km
v.t.alert                                0,0,0,1                               95,93,96,74%
v.t.pressure                             206.843,216.483,275.79,175.79kPa
v.t.temp                                 33,33,34,38°C
v.type                                   DEMO

You can filter the metrics list output for names matching a given substring, for example metrics list volt will show all voltage related metrics.

A base OVMS v3 system has more than 100 metrics available (see below), and vehicle modules can add more for their own uses (see vehicle sections).

In general, vehicle modules (and some other system components) are responsible for updating the metrics, and server connections read those metrics, reformat them, and send them on to servers and Apps (for eventual display to the user). Status commands (such as STAT) also read these metrics and display them in user-friendly forms:

OVMS# stat
Not charging
SOC: 50.0%
Ideal range: 200Km
Est. range: 160Km
ODO: 100000.0Km
CAC: 160.0Ah
SOH: 100%

For developer use, there are also some other metric commands used to manually modify a metric’s value (for testing and simulation purposes), and trace changes:

OVMS# metrics ?
list                 Show all metrics
persist              Show persistent metrics info
set                  Set the value of a metric
trace                METRIC trace framework

Some metrics are presistent across warm reboots. This prevents values such as SOC from being lost when firmware is updated (or in the event of a crash). You can display these with metrics list -p and view general information about presistent metrics with metrics persist.

Standard Metrics

Metric name Example value Description
m.freeram 3275588 Total amount of free RAM in bytes
m.hardware OVMS WIFI BLE BT… Base module hardware info
m.monotonic 49607Sec Uptime in seconds 89490240001766080167 SIM ICCID 35316B09SIM5360E Modem module hardware info congstar Current GSM network provider -101dBm …and signal quality WLAN-214677 Current primary network provider -79dBm …signal quality wifi …and type (none/modem/wifi) WLAN-214677 Current Wifi network SSID -79.1dBm …and signal quality
m.serial   Reserved for module serial no.
m.tasks 20 Task count (use module tasks to list)
m.time.utc 1572590910Sec UTC time in seconds
m.version 3.2.005-155-g3133466f/… Firmware version
m.egpio.input 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9 EGPIO input port state (ports 0…9, present=high)
m.egpio.monitor 8,9 EGPIO input monitoring ports
m.egpio.output 4,5,6,7,9 EGPIO output port state
s.v2.connected yes yes = V2 (MP) server connected
s.v2.peers 1 V2 clients connected
s.v3.connected   yes = V3 (MQTT) server connected
s.v3.peers   V3 clients connected
v.b.12v.current 0A Auxiliary 12V battery momentary current
v.b.12v.voltage 12.29V Auxiliary 12V battery momentary voltage
v.b.12v.voltage.alert   yes = auxiliary battery under voltage alert
v.b.12v.voltage.ref 12.3V Auxiliary 12V battery reference voltage
v.b.c.temp 13,13,…,13°C Cell temperatures
v.b.c.temp.alert 0,0,…,0 Cell temperature deviation alert level [0=normal, 1=warning, 2=alert] 1.43,0.86,…,-1.29°C Cell maximum temperature deviation observed
v.b.c.temp.max 19,18,…,17°C Cell maximum temperatures
v.b.c.temp.min 13,12,…,12°C Cell minimum temperatures
v.b.c.voltage 4.105,4.095,…,4.105V Cell voltages
v.b.c.voltage.alert 0,0,…,0 Cell voltage deviation alert level [0=normal, 1=warning, 2=alert] 0.0096,-0.0104,…,0.0125V Cell maximum voltage deviation observed
v.b.c.voltage.max 4.135,4.125,…,4.14V Cell maximum voltages
v.b.c.voltage.min 3.875,3.865,…,3.88V Cell minimum voltages
v.b.cac 90.7796Ah Calculated battery pack capacity
v.b.consumption 0Wh/km Main battery momentary consumption
v.b.coulomb.recd 47.5386Ah Main battery coulomb recovered on trip/charge 947.5386Ah Main battery coulomb recovered total (life time)
v.b.coulomb.used 0.406013Ah Main battery coulomb used on trip 835.406013Ah Main battery coulomb used total (life time)
v.b.current 0A Main battery momentary current (output=positive) 2.69691kWh Main battery energy recovered on trip/charge 3212.69691kWh Main battery energy recovered total (life time) 0.0209496kWh Main battery energy used on trip 3177.0209496kWh Main battery energy used total (life time)   General textual description of battery health
v.b.p.level.avg 95.897% Cell level - pack average
v.b.p.level.max 96.41% Cell level - strongest cell in pack
v.b.p.level.min 94.871% Cell level - weakest cell in pack
v.b.p.level.stddev 0.548% Cell level - pack standard deviation
v.b.p.temp.avg 13°C Cell temperature - pack average
v.b.p.temp.max 13°C Cell temperature - warmest cell in pack
v.b.p.temp.min 13°C Cell temperature - coldest cell in pack
v.b.p.temp.stddev 0°C Cell temperature - current standard deviation
v.b.p.temp.stddev.max 0.73°C Cell temperature - maximum standard deviation observed
v.b.p.voltage.avg 4.1V Cell voltage - pack average
v.b.p.voltage.grad 0.0032V Cell voltage - gradient of current series
v.b.p.voltage.max 4.105V Cell voltage - strongest cell in pack
v.b.p.voltage.min 4.09V Cell voltage - weakest cell in pack
v.b.p.voltage.stddev 0.00535V Cell voltage - current standard deviation
v.b.p.voltage.stddev.max 0.00783V Cell voltage - maximum standard deviation observed
v.b.power 0kW Main battery momentary power (output=positive)
v.b.range.est 99km Estimated range
v.b.range.full 50.8km Ideal range at 100% SOC & current conditions
v.b.range.ideal 48km Ideal range
v.b.range.speed 21.6km/h Momentary ideal range gain/loss (charge/discharge) speed
v.b.soc 96.3% State of charge
v.b.soh 85% State of health
v.b.temp 13°C Main battery momentary temperature
v.b.voltage 57.4V Main battery momentary voltage
v.c.12v.current 7.8A Output current of DC/DC-converter
v.c.12v.power 123W Output power of DC/DC-converter
v.c.12v.temp 34.5°C Temperature of DC/DC-converter
v.c.12v.voltage 12.3V Output voltage of DC/DC-converter
v.c.charging no yes = currently charging
v.c.climit 0A Maximum charger output current
v.c.current 1.25A Momentary charger output current
v.c.duration.full 25Min Estimated time remaing for full charge
v.c.duration.range -1Min … for sufficient range
v.c.duration.soc 0Min … for sufficient SOC
v.c.efficiency 87.6% Momentary charger efficiency
v.c.kwh 2.6969kWh Energy sum for running charge
v.c.kwh.grid 3.6969kWh Energy drawn from grid during running session 256.69kWh Energy drawn from grid total (life time)
v.c.limit.range 0km Sufficient range limit for current charge
v.c.limit.soc 80% Sufficient SOC limit for current charge
v.c.mode standard standard, range, performance, storage
v.c.pilot no Pilot signal present
v.c.power 125kW Momentary charger input power
v.c.state done charging, topoff, done, prepare, timerwait, heating, stopped
v.c.substate   scheduledstop, scheduledstart, onrequest, timerwait, powerwait, stopped, interrupted
v.c.temp 16°C Charger temperature
v.c.time 0Sec Duration of running charge
v.c.timermode   yes = timer enabled
v.c.timerstart   Time timer is due to start, seconds since midnight UTC
v.c.type   undefined, type1, type2, chademo, roadster, teslaus, supercharger, ccs
v.c.voltage 0V Momentary charger supply voltage
v.d.cp yes yes = Charge port open
v.d.fl   yes = Front left door open   yes = Front right door open
v.d.hood   yes = Hood/frunk open
v.d.rl   yes = Rear left door open
v.d.rr   yes = Rear right door open
v.d.trunk   yes = Trunk open
v.e.alarm   yes = Alarm currently sounding
v.e.aux12v   yes = 12V auxiliary system is on (base system awake)
v.e.awake no yes = Vehicle is fully awake (switched on by the user)
v.e.c.config   yes = ECU/controller in configuration state
v.e.c.login   yes = Module logged in at ECU/controller
v.e.cabintemp 20°C Cabin temperature
v.e.cabinfan 100% Cabin fan
v.e.cabinsetpoint 24°C Cabin set point
v.e.cabinintake fresh Cabin intake type (fresh, recirc, etc)
v.e.cabinvent feet,face Cabin vent type (comma-separated list of feet, face, screen, etc)
v.e.charging12v no yes = 12V battery is charging
v.e.cooling   yes = Cooling
v.e.drivemode 33882626 Active drive profile code (vehicle specific)
v.e.drivetime 0Sec Seconds driving (turned on)
v.e.footbrake 0% Brake pedal state [%]
v.e.gear   Gear/direction; negative=reverse, 0=neutral
v.e.handbrake   yes = Handbrake engaged
v.e.headlights   yes = Headlights on
v.e.heating   yes = Heating
v.e.hvac   yes = HVAC active
v.e.locked   yes = Vehicle locked
v.e.on no yes = Vehicle is in “ignition” state (drivable)
v.e.parktime 49608Sec Seconds parking (turned off)
v.e.regenbrake   yes = Regenerative braking active
v.e.serv.range 12345km Distance to next scheduled maintenance/service [km]
v.e.serv.time 1572590910Sec Time of next scheduled maintenance/service [Seconds]
v.e.temp   Ambient temperature
v.e.throttle 0% Drive pedal state [%]
v.e.valet   yes = Valet mode engaged
v.g.generating no True = currently delivering power
v.g.climit 0A Maximum generator input current (from battery)
v.g.current 1.25A Momentary generator input current (from battery)
v.g.duration.empty 25Min Estimated time remaining for full discharge
v.g.duration.range -1Min … for range limit
v.g.duration.soc 0Min … for SOC limit
v.g.efficiency 87.6% Momentary generator efficiency
v.g.kwh 2.6969kWh Energy sum generated in the running session
v.g.kwh.grid 3.6969kWh Energy sent to grid during running session 256.69kWh Energy sent to grid total
v.g.limit.range 0km Minimum range limit for generator mode
v.g.limit.soc 80% Minimum SOC limit for generator mode
v.g.mode standard Generator mode (TBD)
v.g.pilot no Pilot signal present
v.g.power 125kW Momentary generator output power
v.g.state done Generator state (TBD)
v.g.substate   Generator substate (TBD)
v.g.temp 16°C Generator temperature
v.g.time 0Sec Duration of generator running
v.g.timermode false True if generator timer enabled
v.g.timerstart   Time generator is due to start
v.g.type   Connection type (chademo, ccs, …)
v.g.voltage 0V Momentary generator output voltage
v.i.temp   Inverter temperature
v.i.power 42.7kW Momentary inverter motor power (output=positive)
v.i.efficiency 98.2% Momentary inverter efficiency
v.m.rpm   Motor speed (RPM)
v.m.temp 0°C Motor temperature
v.p.acceleration 0m/s² Vehicle acceleration
v.p.altitude 327.8m GPS altitude
v.p.direction 31.2° GPS direction
v.p.gpshdop 1.3 GPS horizontal dilution of precision (smaller=better)
v.p.gpslock no yes = has GPS satellite lock
v.p.gpsmode AA <GPS><GLONASS>; N/A/D/E (None/Autonomous/Differential/Estimated)
v.p.gpssq 80% GPS signal quality [%] (<30 unusable, >50 good, >80 excellent)
v.p.gpsspeed 0km/h GPS speed over ground
v.p.gpstime 1572590910Sec Time (UTC) of GPS coordinates [Seconds]
v.p.latitude 51.3023 GPS latitude
v.p.location Home Name of current location if defined
v.p.longitude 7.39006 GPS longitude
v.p.odometer 57913.1km Vehicle odometer
v.p.satcount 8 GPS satellite count in view
v.p.speed 0km/h Vehicle speed
v.p.trip 0km Trip odometer
v.t.alert 0,0,0,1 TPMS tyre alert levels [0=normal, 1=warning, 2=alert] 95,93,96,74% TPMS tyre health states
v.t.pressure 206.8,216.4,…kPa TPMS tyre pressures
v.t.temp 33,33,34,38°C TPMS tyre temperatures
v.type RT Vehicle type code VF1ACVYB012345678 Vehicle identification number