ChgThrottle: Protect Charger

Throttle charge current / stop charge if charger gets too hot

Version 1.2 by Michael Balzer <>

The plugin monitors the charger temperature. It can reduce the charge current or stop a running charge process if the charger temperature exceeds on of three defined thresholds.


  1. Save chgthrottle.js as /store/scripts/lib/chgthrottle.js
  2. Add line to /store/scripts/ovmsmain.js:
  • chgthrottle = require("lib/chgthrottle");
  1. Issue script reload


Param   Instance                    Description                       Default
usr     chgthrottle.enabled         yes = enable throttling           yes
usr     chgthrottle.t1.temp         temperature threshold 1           50
usr     chgthrottle.t1.amps         charge current at threshold 1     25
usr     chgthrottle.t2.temp         threshold 2                       55
usr     chgthrottle.t2.amps         current 2                         15
usr     chgthrottle.t3.temp         threshold 3                       60
usr     chgthrottle.t3.amps         current 3                         -1

Set t1…3 to ascending temperature thresholds. Below t1.temp, the current is set to unlimited.

Set temp to empty/0 to disable the level.

Set amps to -1 to stop the charge at that level.


Simply configure as desired, the plugin will monitor the charger temperature automatically and react as configured.

Use config set usr chgthrottle.enabled no to disable the plugin, yes to enable again.

State changes are logged and sent as notifications. Use info() to show the current state:

script eval

Notifications are sent initially, then only on level-up during charge, and only on level-down while not charging.